Printed Paper Fans with wooden Eco-friendly Handle

35.00 Incl. VAT


These paper hand fans are a great gift for your guests.

The hand fans are attractive and great for weddings, christenings, birthdays, baptisms and parties.

You can use these hand fans to keep your guests cool or as wedding or party favours.

The paper hand fans are handmade, square with rounded corners, made of white aquarela paper (300gr). The paper fans are printed with the quote ‘just be cool FEEL THE LOVE’. The hand fans include an Eco-friendly wooden handle.

Dimensions of each fan: approx. 17 X 29.50 cm

These hand fans are sold in sets of 25. The price is per set.

Order your hand fans today and impress your guests.

Processing time:1-4 days


1)These paper hand fans are handmade, so please keep in mind that there might be slight differences from one fan to another.

2)This product ships worldwide.