… A few words about Bouquet
… design by Bouquet. That’s our signature to everything we design and create…
Bouquet was born in 1983 by George and Sofia Georgantzi, with the thought to bring fresh ideas to the market.
The first shop of Bouquet functions since then with success at 43 Vasileos Georgiou Avenue, the biggest avenue of Thessaloniki near Macedonia Palace hotel.
A lot of work, a lot of joy for creation, a lot of effort for the best result each time, a lot of love for the result… The words… simple… fine… special… personal… elegant… express Bouquet flowers when it comes to a single flower or the design of a complete wedding.
All these filled us with responsibility. Each thing had to better than the precedent that the customer took from us at Bouquet. We did not rely on… this was the success for us! We still continue with the same responsibility that distinguishes us.
Venia Georgantzi learned ‘design’ from a young age and so she decided to continue and move even more forward from her parents. She went to study to Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu and Rittners floral school of Boston in the USA and returned taking the reigns of Bouquet in her hands.
So the second shop of Bouquet flowers opened at 127 Tsimiski Street in the most commercial and most central road of our city. Fine, sweet shop, full, with the most beautiful window displays of Tsimiski. You are glad to glaze at them.
Also, we have created a new sector exclusively for the design of events … design by Bouquet with wedding planner, artist, floral designer, floral manager Venia Georgantzi and showroom in 135 Tsimiski Street on the first floor in the heart of the town center. Venia designs and takes care of all the events of life, the wedding, the baptism, the party! She designs the invitations, the bombonieres, the decorations for the church and the reception, the “stefana”, the candles “lampades” and all the details. You can discuss the details of your event in our showroom by appointment.
And of course our activities do not stop in Thessaloniki and in Athens where we have also designed repeatedly for big events and weddings! In Greece wherever you decide to have your wedding we can be there. We have experience in designing events in the UK. design by Bouquet team goes often there…
We send all around the world invitations, bombonieres, and wedding accessories. We have repeatedly sent to the USA, CANADA, SWITZERLAND, GERMANY, GREAT BRITAIN AND AUSTRALIA.